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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program is a three-year degree program offered by the University with a view to impart in-depth knowledge and a broad understanding of Humanities and Social Sciences. The BA program focuses on training the students in the areas of Economics, History, Political Science, English, Education, and Soft Skills. This course aims to prepare the students in the skills required of a Playwright, Administration Officers, Journalists, Orator, and Creative Writer; and equips them to pursue an MA degree program in due course.

Program Details:

The BA Program is organized into 6 semesters in 3 years. In each semester English & Hindi are compulsory subjects whereas student has to opt any two subjects from History, Political Science, Physical Education, Mathematics, Computer Application, and Economics.

The combinations offered in the B.A. program are:

  • History & Political Science
  • History & Physical Education
  • History & Maths
  • History & Economics
  • History & Computer Application
  • Political Science & Computer Application
  • Political Science & Maths
  • Political Science & Economics
  • Physical Education & Maths
  • Physical Education & Economics
  • Physical Education & Computer Application
  • Maths & Computer Application
  • Maths & Economics

Teaching Methodology

Classroom lessons are supplemented with interactive sessions. "Extension lectures" by eminent practitioners are organized throughout the year, by all departments. Modern teaching tools, including OHPs and LCD screens, are used to aid the staff in presenting topics. Various assignments and projects are given to students to enrich their learning experience. Along with regular tests and the Internal Assessment, students are tested for their practical and creative skills. Students are assessed based on their participation in role-play sessions, field trips, exhibitions, individual and group presentations, case studies, book reviews, and mini-projects.